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Maker News & Discussion / Rapberry Pi drop 8Gb model
Last post by Dave -
The Raspberry Pi foundation has released an 8gb model of the Pi 4.

It is 64 bit capable and a version of Raspbian is in beta at the moment. They have also renamed the OS to Raspberry Pi OS. The new version will eventually come in both 32 and 64 bit versions with the 32 bit version retaining compatability all the way back to the Alpha models, while the 64 bit version will take advantage of the 8gb memory on the new model.

It is priced at $75 or £74 and links for it can be found in the Rpi blog Here
Forum News / Site renewal
Last post by Dave -
The site has been renewed for another while today...... 8)
3d Printing / Creality's First Crowdfunding 3D Printer
Last post by Dave -
Creality first crowdfunding 3D printer - CR-6 SE, will be released by Kickstarter on May 6th

Looks like an interesting printer with some nice little features.
A lot of them seem to be similar to mods that people would add on, such as a belt tensioner etc.

[url=https://www.creality.com/art/cr-6-se-crealitys-first-crowdfunding-3d-printer-41.html#Kicksstarter]Creality The First Crowdfunding 3D Printer Is Coming | Creality 3D