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Europeans are probably fed up of this but I have to do it.

Your information on the site is your own.
You may change/modify your contact details at any point.
You may delete your personal details from your account at any time, this will be facilitated by an administrator as soon as possible following you hitting the button.
You have full control over notifications and emails you receive from the site, simply change these settings in your profile. They can be found under notification and messaging options.
Your information is not used for any other purpose than the administration of the site. It is not shared/sold with any 3rd party.

Finally, cookies may be installed on your machine. These are to facilitate log in and other site functions. We also have Google analytics installed which may install a cookie. Please refer to Google in relation to these cookies.
If you do not wish to have these cookies installed you are free to block them through your browser. Please note this may impact site functionality