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Pls note: There is a comprehesive Help section listed under the community tab at the top of the forum or you can get there with this Link:


Ranks are generally points based. There are 4 exceptions to this rule:
  • Administrator; The highest rank with core access to the forum.
  • Global Moderator; Has almost all moderating privileges, including changing posts. Highly administrative.
  • Moderator; Can do basic moderation tasks
  • Founder; These are the members who came together to form this community, it is an honourary rank.


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STL files:

STL files can be uploaded here, there is a size restriction of around 4mb currently though.


Pictures can be uploaded or linked to post.
Uploads will auto resize to a serviceable level on upload(it will be as high quality as the screen allows). Just use the attachment upload system in the editor. This can also upload from mobile.
Linked pictures will be served as thumbnails and can be clicked for the full image.

To link a picture just use the Icon in the editor as shown in the picture below:


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To link YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo, just insert the URL. The software should embed the video automatically.