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Forum Chat

Just to let people know, I'm currently working on getting some sort of chat system up and running.

There is a Shoutbox system and an Ajax chat client, which are basically the same thing with only a very few differences, which can be integrated but the last time I tried it on this forum I broke it.  ::)

I am trying to find a workaround but it may be necessary to do it in a different way.

I am working on it though.

Re: Forum Chat

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Ok at this point I'm hoping you can see the chatbox at the top of the forum. 8)

It is an Ajax chat client so should be compatible with most browsers. It should also auto-refresh with any luck.

If you can't see it let me know either by PM or in this thread. :-[

Re: Forum Chat

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I have removed the chat box for now. It's not being used and slows down the server somewhat.