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Posted by: Dave


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Electronics / Re: Stripping a laptop battery.
Last post by Dave -
Ok. Got all the cells out. It was 3 sets of 2 for 11.1v.

One set are registering 0v so I'm assuming that those cells are dead.


This is a diagram of the pack

3 negative terminals, 1 for each set of 2. Then there is a single positive connection.

There is also a single thermocouple for safety on a single cell.
Electronics / Stripping a laptop battery.
Last post by Dave -
First and foremost....

You probably shouldn't copy me with this one.

I have an old netbook here and the battery isn't charging.......
So I decided to pull the battery apart. It's a lithium ion 6 cell pack.

After getting into the case it turns out the 6 cells are 18650s so there is a chance I can repair it if it's just one bad cell.

Now, what I did is not recommended. Li-ion batteries are highly volatile and the battery packs are not designed to be strippable. The batteries are just inside the plastic and using sharp tools to prise the case apart could penetrate the batteries, leading to a lithium fire, which is no fun.

I have non-metallic tools here and did a bit of exploration before I opened the pack. I also had a large tub of water beside the work bench in case it all went very wrong............

Be safe folks. 😀🙃
Electronics / An old slice of pi
Last post by Dave -
My original Raspberry Pi model B board.......
2 USB ports and RCA and 3.5mm sockets along with 700mhz(900 if you clocked it.😉) and 512mb of Ram.
Still working after 5+years. Now on its 3rd SD card. Not bad for a €35 computer.


3d Printing / New high temperature gear from E3D
Last post by Dave -
E3D have released a high temperature heat cartridge for hit endends. It is rated to over 500°C and is available in 12/24V and can run up to 65w.

They also released a number of mains powered heat beds with a max operation temperature of 200°C with a peak of 250°C.

They have also have an SSR switch to run the bed.

Link here. High Temperature Range | E3D Online
3d Printing / Filament choice
Last post by Dave -
What filaments do people use?

I personally use 'Real' filament, which is made in Holland, but I also have some 'Das Filament' from Germany.

I mainly use PETG but the filament from 'Das Filament' is actually the Thomas Sanladerer 'Infinity Blue' and is a really nice filament. I'd order more filament from them but shipping is a bit expensive to here.
Maker News / Free magazines
Last post by Dave -
Some of you may be aware that the raspberry pi foundation make their magazines free to download as a PDF file each month.

There are 2 magazines,

The MagPi



Hackspace magazine


Hopefully you get some use out of them

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