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Posted by: Dave


Welcome to Make 'n Hack

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3d Printing / CR-10 open source
Last post by Dave -
The CR-10 is now OSHWA certified and the source code has been published on Github. :D

This is mainly down to the open source advocacy, in China, of Naomi Wu. (@realsexycyborg)

She has released a video on it.

While the CR10 is an older printer it is important that the source code is available for several reasons, the main one being that it is part of the GPL terms. Another reason is that it allows for much easier modding of the printers which should allow them to be upgraded into the future.

Repo links:

GitHub - Creality3DPrinting/CR-10: Now fully Open-Source- the original,...

Certification list for OSHWA
OSHWA Certified Projects List
Forum News / Re: Forum Chat
Last post by Dave -
I have removed the chat box for now. It's not being used and slows down the server somewhat.
3d Printing / New Makerbot Method
Last post by Dave -
At $6499 USD this isn't for the hobbyist... :o


MakerBot Method - Professional 3D Printer - Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing


It is a professional, enclosed 3D printer and is being targeted as an alternative to industrial systems. It is also allegedly up to 2 times faster than other systems.

It is still an FDM system and appears to use enclosed spools which also appear to be proprietary as they are calling them 'smart spools'.It also appears to be using proprietary software.
It has 21 sensors on board including filament sensors and enclosure sensors.

MakerBot Method Performance 3D Printer - 3D Printing Tech Specs

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