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General Discussion / Heat Gun
Last post by Dave -
Got me a heat gun from the kids for fathers day.
It's one of Lidl's finest Parkside brand of tools.
2000w with 3 heat settings and an extension handle to use it to burn weeds.
It'll be handy for getting rid of the strings on my 3D prints especially as I use PETG a lot.



Forum News / Down Time
Last post by Dave -
My apologies to anyone that missed us during the last 12 days.
The site expired and the renewal notice hit my spam folder instead of my main folder.

Everything is back up and running now and the forum is renewed for another year.

I am hoping to make some changes in the next few months so any suggestions will be appreciated.
3d Printing / The Fiat Centoventi
Last post by Dave -

Fiat has shown off a concept car which is hugely customizable.

One of the features will supposedly be a library of parts that can be downloaded and 3D printed to customize the interior (and possibly the exterior?)

You can read Fiats press release FIAT CONCEPT CENTOVENTI: THE ANSWER TO ELECTRIC MOBILITY - Press - Fiat...

or the Verge have an article on it with more photos Fiat’s newest concept is a modular electric car you can almost endlessly...

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