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Topic: 3Dlabprints Q-Trainer build (Read 1265 times) previous topic - next topic
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3Dlabprints Q-Trainer build
Part 1: This is the first post of hopefully many as I work on my Q-Trainer. So far I have completed most of the fuselage and mounted the motor.

Re: 3Dlabprints Q-Trainer build
Reply #1
Looks really good.
I like the clear filament on it as well.

What flight controller set up are you going to use?

Re: 3Dlabprints Q-Trainer build
Reply #2

When you say "flight controller" you mean like a RC transmitter or a device to help keep the airplane stable?

Re: 3Dlabprints Q-Trainer build
Reply #3
Yeah,  what type RC transmitter /receiver set up will you use?

Re: 3Dlabprints Q-Trainer build
Reply #4
This is the gear. Flysky FS-TH9X Tx and the FS-R9B Rx.


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